Tianda Pharmaceuticals has more than 1000 employees, providing opportunities for different positions in Hong Kong, China and Australia. Tianda Pharmaceuticals adheres to Tianda group's corporate philosophy of "Striving for Perfection", attaches great importance to the cultivation of employees, helping employees to show their potential and fulfill the value of life!

Cultivate Excellent Talents

Tianda Pharmaceuticals believes that human resources is one of the most important part of enterprise development. The company provides employees with ideal working environment, excellent salary and good development opportunities, and is committed to creating a positive and loving team that each has its own strengths. It provides a comprehensive training system for new employees, covering corporate culture, administration and management, as well as its business scope. It assists new employees in adapting to the environment quickly, and welling to adjust the training programme according to the actual situation after employment. Through the implementation of the "partnership programme", the company arranges experienced colleagues as partners for each new employee, so as to facilitate new employees to effectively solve their doubts in work.

Achieve Career Development

Tianda Pharmaceuticals attaches great importance to the personal growth and career development of its employees, and encourages them to give full play to their own advantages and interests based on the development needs of the company. The company focuses on improving the training system and internal promotion opportunities for employees to help them expanding their career and making continuous progress. Through the implementation of "incentive mechanism", the company can stimulate employees to fulfill their potentials, improve their performance and comprehensive ability in the process of work in order to carry out their values.

Care for Employee’s Health

“Tianda for Health!” is the corporate slogan of Tianda Pharmaceuticals. In addition to continuously contributing health and care to the society, the company also pays attention to the health of employees. It arranges regular physical examination and provides medical security plan, so as to make employees reach the best physical and mental state; The company organizes various activities such as sports clubs, interest groups and volunteer activities to provide broad space for employees to develop hobbies and learn new skills, as well as helping employees to get familiar with colleagues and make friends in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Corporate Culture

  • Diversify development programmes & create values

    We aim to create good returns for shareholders by fully tapping into the competitive advantages of the Company, investing in projects with potential, enhancing cost efficiency, and increasing brand values.

  • Standardise management practices & pursue excellence

    We strictly abide by laws and regulations and follow international standards. To ensure safe and efficient operation, we attach high importance to corporate culture, standardised management practices and information technology. We dare to innovate, tap full potential of the Company, pursue perfection and excellence, so as to provide quality products and professional services and to keep improving our competitiveness.

  • Nurture talents & strengthen the team

    On one hand, we attract, motivate and retain talents, offering a favorable working environment for our employees to grow, allowing them to excel on a good career development platform; on the other hand, we place great emphasis on communication and collaboration amongst employees, so as to build a brilliant work team and to propel the Company forward.

  • Care for a better world

    While constantly working towards the Company’s vision through ongoing expansion, we are building up a culture of philanthropy where giving back to the society is essential. We are committed to sharing our fruits of development with society and supporting community activities enthusiastically.