Tianda Pharmaceuticals develops its quality healthcare services through TDMall (Group) Limited. TDMall practices TCM by adhering to the philosophy that “a great physician treats an illness before it develops”, operates its treatment principle of “medication should be stopped once its efficacy shows and treatment should be centred on the patient”; TDMall exercises strict control on the quality of Chinese medicinal materials by complying with the “Tianda Standard”. By integrating modern medical science and other innovative technologies, TDMall provides featured specialties, general TCM treatment, health preservation and health management services and establishes personalized systems for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention along with health preservation, thereby achieving the unification of man and nature, of tradition and modernity as well as of prevention and treatment in pursuit of the unity between heaven and man.

Rooted in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, positioning domestic and international markets, TDMall strives to achieve the strategic business planning of establishing "one clinic in every county, one mini-clinic in every town" and "one clinic in every nation, many in every major nation", to become the leading brand of Chinese medicine clinic. The Group made investments and established subsidiaries such as TDMall (China) Ltd, TDMall (Hong Kong) Limited, Zhuhai TDMall Ltd, Shenzhen TDMall Ltd, Guangzhou TDMall Ltd and TDMall (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Featured Specialties

TDMall provides a variety of featured specialties including Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics & Traumatology, General Medicine, Dermatology, Acupuncture and Massage, launching three featured projects of “TDMall Womb Care Centre”, “TDMall Pain Relieving Centre” and “TDMall Health Management Centre”, dedicating to provide targeted treatment for different types of patients.

Industrial Alignment

TDMall attaches great importance to the quality of its Chinese medicinal materials and products, by bringing a comprehensive tracking system for the quality of its Chinese medicinal materials and decoction slices ; TDMall also exercises strict control on the quality of Chinese medicinal materials by complying with the “Tianda Standard” in order to ensure the quality and the efficacy from the source, and further develop TCM health-preserving products which can be used both as nourishing paste, soup, tea, etc.

Innovative Technology System

TDMall has actively explored and initiated a Chinese medicine model that integrates “TCM” with “artificial intelligence”, to build a cloud based Chinese medicine platform – “TDMall on Cloud”, which is committed to providing online intelligence remote Chinese medicine consultation and treatment services to the world beyond borders from the Greater Bay Area.