Chinese Medicine Research & Development

Tianda Pharmaceuticals invests in the whole-industry-chain approach for Chinese medicine development. The company has established Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute in Macao, planning to set up R&D centres in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, across China and around the world.

Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute is an integral part of Tianda Pharmaceuticals’ whole-industry-chain approach for Chinese medicine development, focusing on the advancement, application-based technology and product R&D in three aspects including Chinese medicine, Chinese medicinal herbs, and the application of artificial intelligence in TCM. The implementation of innovation projects, continuous achievement of innovation outcomes and enhancement of capabilities will allow Tianda’s Chinese medicine business to progress and grow comprehensively.

Innovation represents the primary driving force for development, and even the core competitiveness of an enterprise. With open-mindedness and a win-win philosophy, Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute welcomes professionals and collaborators from around the world, integrates innovation resources, aligning with China’s industry policies and market demand. The Institute is dedicated to Chinese medicine standard, Chinese medicine technology, research and development of Chinese medicine products, training of Chinese medicine talents, the research, analysis and application of Chinese medicine big data, technological services as well as the transformation and industrialization of the outcomes, with the aim of creating a distinctive, fully functional, properly managed and highly efficient Chinese medicine technological innovation-based platform.

Chinese Medicinal Materials

Tianda Pharmaceuticals is committed to the investment and development of the Chinese medicine industry. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Macao, with Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou as its operating bases, Tianda Chinese Medicine has implemented its TCM industry strategy covering nine sectors in three major areas, and developed a complete industrial chain to realize the in-depth integration and development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Tianda Chinese Medicine has established a quality TCM brand and formed a new Chinese medicine healthcare service pattern.

Medicinal Materials Industrial Chain

The primary industry Scientific and Standardized Plantation
The Secondary IndustryModernization and Large-scale production
The Tertiary IndustryPrecise and Intelligent Services

Chinese Medicinal Materials Trading

The company bases itself on the creation of standard system for the entire medicinal materials industrial chain with the aim to connect TCM to the world. With authenticity as its source, professionalism as its basis and standardization as its priority the company has established "Tianda Standard", a quality control standard for Chinese medicinal medicine, to ensure the quality of Chinese medicinal materials is reliable, controllable and traceable from the beginning.

The company implements a development strategy of constructing Chinese medicinal materials base and operating and trading business at the same time, while emphasizing the balance between the wide variety of products and featured products. With a strategic development plan for the nation's main production regions, the company actively explores internal and external markets by various feasible methods, striving to achieve the mutual cooperation between partners including drug farmers, cooperatives, distributors and pharmaceutical companies, aiming to form a top-down national and international Chinese medicinal materials business network.

While developing the Chinese medicinal materials, the company gives full play to its GSP qualifications. By leveraging on the enormous market of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the company spares no effort to expand the pharmaceutical product operation and delivery business through assignment of agencies, distribution and the domestic and international delivery of quality pharmaceutical brand products, committed to building a professional pharmaceutical sales team.

Decoction Slices

Chinese medicine is the material foundation for Chinese medical practices. In addition to the active development of Chinese medicinal materials, Tianda Pharmaceuticals also attaches great importance to the development, production and sales of decoction pieces as well as the purchase and sales of agricultural by-products and operation of Chinese medicinal materials business. With a business ideology of "producing quality processed Chinese medicinal materials with competitive edge by inheriting traditional production methods but also striving for innovation”, the company is striding steadily towards the development goal of producing "a wide variety of products and featured products".