Zhuhai R&D and Production Base

Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Zhuhai) puts quality management as its top priority. Equipped with comprehensive facilities, its quality control centre has established an inspection and testing system based on pharmacopoeia standards in China, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has been obtained GMP certifications issued by both CFDA in China and TGA of Australia, promising the quality control of its production.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Zhuhai) has received various recognitions from the Chinese government and the community since its establishment. It has been awarded as "Hi-tech Enterprise in Guangdong", "Advanced Private-run Science & Technology Enterprise in Guangdong", "Advanced Enterprise of Pharmaceutical System in Zhuhai, "Key Enterprise Technology Centre in Zhuhai" and "Civilised Enterprise in Zhuhai" and the like.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals (Zhuhai) emphasises on innovation, R&D and patent protection of new drugs, and owns the invention patents of several products include Zhikang Granules, Yian Decoction, Ribavirin Effervescent Granules, Tuoping Valsartan Capsules.

Kunming R&D and Production Base

Mengsheng Pharmaceutical is located in Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone, spanning an area of 17. 466 square metres, with production facilities of advanced lyophilised powder technology recognised by the new national GMP standard. Its key products include Cerebroprotein Hydrolvsate Injection (III), Vinpocetine Injection, Aceglutamide Injection and Methionine Vitamin B1 Injection. Cerebroprotein Hvdrolvsate Injection (III) is a prescribed biochemical medicine with core ingredient extracted from swine brain tissues, which facilitates growth of cerebro-neuro cells and recovery of cerebral functions. The production process was patented by the State Intellectual Property Office in China, thereby reaching international standard of its product category. Its standard of excellence and market share are well ahead of industry players in China, with global presence such as India.

Global Sales Network

Tianda Pharmaceuticals emphasizes on global marketing strategy. In China, the Company has established a sizeable marketing and sales team which coupled with distributors in various provinces and municipalities to sell its products throughout the country. The Company also formulated strategic plans for sales and marketing in China which are being implemented progressively. For global market, through HK headquarters and branches in various cities and countries like Australia or working partners, Tianda Pharmaceuticals has gradually built up an international sales team with direct sales people, coupled with distributors from different parts of the world. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to setting up a worldwide sales network that covers major markets for the purpose of achieving its strategy in market globalization.