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Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Tianda Pharmaceuticals”) is devoted to research and development (“R&D”), manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and healthcare products, as well as investment and development of traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) business.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tianda Pharmaceuticals has established R&D centers and production bases in Zhuhai and Kunming, China, equipped with sophisticated R&D and manufacturing facilities. The R&D centers are engaged in the R&D and production of chemical medicine, TCM, biochemical medicine and biological products.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals places great emphasis on the quality control of its products. Both production bases were built with world-class quality control centers with state-of-the-art facilities and management system based on pharmacopoeia standards in China, the United Kingdom and the United States. Both production bases have attained Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) certifications issued by China Food and Drug Administration (“CFDA”). The production base in Zhuhai has further attained GMP certification issued by Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) of Australia.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals follows the strategic approach that placing equal emphasis on both TCM and western pharmaceuticals with independent and cooperative R&D. Through this approach, Tianda Pharmaceuticals continues to broaden and develop its product range of innovative medicines with patents. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is actively seeking cooperation with world-renowned scientists, medical research institutions and academic organizations in its restless endeavour to build an international R&D network. Tianda Pharmaceuticals has set up the marketing center in Shenzhen responsible for the marketing and branding in Mainland China market and has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Australia and other places to cover the global major markets, establishing an international marketing network and strategy.

China is undergoing comprehensive medical reform, with the government’s support in the TCM industry in particular. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to introducing as well as researching and developing innovative drugs, establishing the TCM whole industry chain and investing in medical service business. Tianda Pharmaceuticals strives to develop itself from a traditional pharmaceutical enterprise into an integrated medical enterprise.

“Tianda for Health!” is the corporate slogan of Tianda Pharmaceuticals, expressing the continuous commitment and pursuit of health and care. Tianda Pharmaceuticals continues its endogenous development, and at the same time accelerates its external expansion through collaborations and capital market transactions. It is committed to developing into a leading medical enterprise based in China with global presence.